I’m 11 years old, my sister, 18. As she gazes toward the camera, I sneak up on her with a snowball. The scarf wrapped around her head might obscure her peripheral vision, and I’m dumb enough to believe she’s unaware of my intention.

What am I thinking? Am I hoping in some small way to get revenge for all the years of cross county drives, when in the back of the car, she would draw an imaginary line down the middle of the seat, and instruct me not to cross it under any circumstances, “or else?”

Or am I just living in the moment, tempting fate with a fling of the snowball? In any case, the picture freezes time, when in fact, the action of scooping the snow, tamping it into ammunition and actually nailing her with it at close range probably took about 5 seconds.

I hope it was worth it, because she probably gave me an Indian burn later.

2 comments on “Snowball”

  1. Gosh! I love this one. I love the pic… It is priceless! Priceless!!! You look a little unsure about your decision to launch that thing, but I am sure you did it anyway. So great…

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